Japanese Centre (EN)

JAPANESE CENTRE SZOMBATHELY – Meeting point of Cultures and for Corporations

Hungarian-Japanese Friendship Association Szombathely has been working for 10 years in getting Hungarian people known with Japanese Culture.  We organise in Szombathely the biggest Japanese Day wich attracts 3000 people every year. OUR DREAM is to operate a permanent establishment serving the association’s missions. In the planned Japanese Centre there will be exhibitions, events, courses, performances all year long. The Centre can give place for the trainings of partner associations – like Ataru taiko group, origami club or iaido training, etc. – as well. In the tower-appartement Japanese cultural ambassadors can stay for a longer time and teach people. A Japanese Garden and a tea house are in our future plans in the old park belonging to the historic villa, which transforms into Japanese Center in 2019-2020. We plan a lot of opportunities for companies as well, like coporate events or a venue for trainings and special business events. We require financial support for the renovation works. We search companies and private sponsors, who agree with our mission.

Your benefits:

–PR, Image, CSR


–Access to location for corporate events

–Supporting your employee events with Japanese culture education and experience

We are open for different kind of cooperations with companies, which sees a CSR possibility in supporting our mission.






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